What is Paula Abdul’s Net Worth?


Paula Abdul’s net worth was approximately $30 million as of June 2022.

Paula Abdul, an American singer, songwriter and choreographer, is also an actress and television personality.

Abdul started her career as a cheerleader with the Los Angeles Lakers when she was 18 years old. Later, she became the chief choreographer for The Laker Girls and was later discovered by The Jacksons. She is today considered one of the greatest singers in the country.

Early Life

Paula Julie Abdul was born in San Fernando on the 19th of June 1962. Abdul is the daughter of Harry Abdul and Lorraine M. Her ancestors are from Russia and Ukraine.

Van Nuys High School is where she studied and graduated in 1978. Since she was a dance enthusiast from a young age, she knew that she wanted to go into showbiz.


Abdul was cheerleading during one of the games and was noticed by some members of ‘The Jacksons’. She was offered the chance to choreograph their single, “Torture”, which was a huge hit.

She was asked many times by singers and celebrities to choreograph their music videos in the 1980s. She was the official choreographer of ‘The Jacksons’ victory tour.

Her debut album, “Forever Your Girl”, was released in 1988. It became a Billboard hit. She released her second music album, “Spellbound”, three years later. It was also one of the most-sold albums at the time.

She was the lead judge on the American reality show, American Idol, from 2002 to 2009.

She was a guest judge on season 10 of the dance reality series ‘So, You Think You Can Dance?’ in 2013 and a judge on ‘X Factor Around The World in 2014.


These are the top highlights from Paula Abdul’s career.

  • Straight Up (Song, 1988) 
  • Rush Rush (Song, 1991) 
  • Head Over Heels (Album, 1995) 

Three Life Lessons From Paula Abdul

We now know all about Paula Abdul and her net worth. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. You need to prepare

Abdul received the best business advice he ever received. It is actually quite simple.

She said it was Gene Kelly, a choreographer and actor, who inspired her most. Failing to plan is a recipe for failure. Abdul stated that she has always had many other ideas in her arsenal to help her if her initial plans don’t work out.

2. Be persistent

Abdul learned the importance of preparation years ago when she tried to get her first break auditioning for a Laker girl position. Abdul learned another valuable lesson from this experience: persistence is key.

3. Give yourself a time frame

You should be passionate about your work and have a talent. You should give yourself a time limit, but not too long — three to five years is a good range. Then you can really give your best.

Favorite Quotes From Paula Abdul

I have learned all my life to follow the high road, not to deny false accusations or salacious acts of deceit. And I have also been taught never to lie.

We see more violence every day in the news, both in America and elsewhere in the world. The United States Department of Peace would be a great help in addressing the many problems we are hearing about every day. Our children deserve so much better.

There is love. Sometimes I just can’t stomach Simon. You don’t even have to sit beside him. All I can say is that.