What is PSY’s Net Worth?


PSY’s net worth was estimated at $60 million as of July 2022.

Park Jae-sang is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

His hit single “Gangnam Style” is his most well-known. The refrain of this song was included in The Yale Book of Quotations, where it is regarded as one of 2012’s most iconic quotations.

Early Life

Park Jae-sang was born in Seoul’s Gangnam District on December 31, 1977. Park Won-Ho, his father, is the executive chairman at DI Corporation. His mother Kim Young-hee owns many restaurants in Gangnam.

Park was known for being the class clown. Park’s former teacher said that he recalled Psy telling a lot of sexual jokes in class.


PSY’s music career began in 2001 when he released his first album, ‘PSY From a Psycho World’. Although he was criticised for his first attempt, it was a modest success. In 2002, he followed his first album by two quick albums, ‘Sa 2 ‘and ‘3 PSY ‘.

Although his lyrics were criticised for being too suggestive and “not a good example” for young Koreans, that didn’t stop PSY receiving praises at the Seoul Music Awards. PSY received the required military training that is mandatory for all South Korean men. He was quickly released because of his position as a software engineer.

Korea’s largest entertainment label, YG entertainment, signed him in 2010. His fifth studio album, ‘PSY 5’, was released the same year.

PSY released two ‘tongue-in-cheek’ videos in December 2015 entitled ‘Daddy’ (from his next studio album, ‘PSY seventh’). Some of America’s most well-known musicians, such as Black Eyed Pea or Will.i.am, were guests on the album.

PSY is widely considered to be the first Korean pop star to have huge success in the West. PSY is also the first solo Korean artist to win the YouTube Silver Button for reaching 10 million subscribers.


These are some of the greatest highlights from PSY’s career.

  • PsyFive (Album, 2010) 
  • Gangnam Style (Song, 2012) 
  • Gentleman (Song, 2013) 
  • I LUV IT (Song, 2017) 

 Three Lessons From PSY About Success

We now know all about PSY’s networth and how he became successful. Let’s look at some of his lessons.

1. Happiness

Not by having more stuff, but by creating richer experiences that make us happier.

2. Self-Identity

Your self-identity will determine your income, influence and impact as well as your lifestyle. You can change that to unleash your greatness.

3. Joyful

Serving others is a way to be more joyful.

Favorite Quotes From PSY

I am not very attractive. This is why “Gangnam Style” works. It’s awkward if someone is handsome uses this phrase. It’s hilarious, however, if it’s used by someone like me.

People laugh at the fact that I shout Gangnam style. It would be hilarious if Brad Pitt sang the song. When it comes to lyrics writing, a twist is essential.