What is Ray Stevens’s Net Worth?


Ray Stevens is an American pop and country singer.

Stevens is most well-known for his songs “Everything Is Beautiful” and “Misty”, as well as comedy hits like “Gitarzan” and “The Streak.” He was a producer and music arranger, songwriter as well as a television host and solo artist.

He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Early Life

Harold Ray Ragsdale was a Clarkdale, Georgia native. He was born on 24 January 1939. He formed his first band, The Barons, while he was in high school. After graduating high school, he entered Georgia State University to study music.

Stevens was 18 when he signed with Capitol Records Prep Records in 1956. He was the producer of singles “Silver Bracelet” and “Rang Tang Ding Dong”.


Stevens was a Nashville producer in the 1970s. Between 1970 and 1979, he recorded songs for Warner Brothers and Barnaby Records. Stevens’ greatest hit in the U.S. was “Everything Is Beautiful”, a gospel-influenced single that he released in 1970. It was also the theme of a 1970 hit TV program.

He joined RCA Records in 1980 and released ‘Shriner’s Convention’ as well as ‘Night Games. He released “One More Last Chance” the following year. Stevens also released singles in 1982. Stevens left RCA to return to Mercury and released the 1983 album Me as well as one chart hit, My Dad.

Stevens left MCA in 1989. He released great hits. The 1990 compilation was certified gold by the med-decade. ‘Lend me your ears and ‘Number One With a Bullet’ was released in 1990, and 1991.

Stevens released “We the People” in 2010. It reached the top five Billboard Comedy Album charts. In the same year, Stevens was honored by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in the series “Nashville Cats”: A Celebration of Music City Musicians.

His 2015 album, ‘Here We Go again’ was released. It featured the Taylor Swift spoof song ‘Taylor Swift Stalking Me’ as well as ‘Come To the USA’. He also launched Ray Stevens Nashville, his television series.


These are some of Ray Stevens’ greatest moments:

  • Everything Is Beautiful (Song, 1970) 
  • Turn Your Radio On (Song, 1972)
  • The Streak (Song, 1974)
  • Santa Claus Is Watching You (Song, 1993)
  • Christian Music Hall of Fame (2009)
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (2019) 

How Does He Spend His Money

Ray Stevens invests his money in real estate.

Stevens has a Nashville home. Stevens also purchased a Belle Meade house for $2.85million. He plans to make it his personal residence.

Three Life Lessons From Ray Stevens

We now know all about Ray Stevens and his success. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Our Brain

The human brain is very sensitive to melody and tempo. It becomes extremely influential when you put the right words.

2. Comedy Song

A good comedy song will be remembered much longer than straight love songs.

3. Believe In Your Dreams

You must act now if you really want something.

Favorite Quotes From Ray Stevens

None is so blind as the one who refuses to see. Our minds must not be closed. Our thoughts must be free. Every hour passes, and we realize the world is getting older. It’s time for us to see that beauty lies in our eyes.

Everything is beautiful in its own unique way. Everybody is beautiful in their own ways. The world will find its way under God’s guidance.