What is Rich Homie Quan’s Net Worth?


Rich Homie Quan has a net worth of $3.5 million as of August 2022.

Sequences Devontay, also known as Rich Homie Quan is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was heavily influenced by the dirty south rap of Outkast, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy. Quan is currently signed to Motown Records.

Early Life

Sequences Devontay Lamar, was born in Atlanta, on the 4th of October 1989. While he was at Atlanta’s Ronald McNair Sr. high school, he played baseball for more than four years. He aspired to play professionally.

Lamar stated that music was his biggest hobby. I didn’t see myself performing on stage or rocking out shows. After getting out of jail, I began to take it more seriously and that’s when my dreams became reality .”


Rich Homie Quan’s debut mixtape, “I Go In on Every Song”, was released in 2012. His debut track, “Difference”, was also released from his mixtape “Still Being In” in 2012. “Rolling Stone” ranked “Still Going In” (reloaded), the 10th most popular mixtape of 2013.

He toured with Trinidad James the following year and was also featured on Gucci Mane’s album Trap House III.

Quan’s single titled ‘Type of Way,’ was released by Def Jam Recordings in 2013. This single peaked at No. 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and stated that he was part of Atlanta’s growing generation of rappers who “deliver lines with melody and heart”.

Quan was featured in YG’s song ‘My N***a,’ which also features Young Jeezy. It peaked at No.19 in the Hot 100. He also appeared on the song “Extra” in 2 Chainz’s second studio album, ‘B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. His next mixtape, ‘I Promise That I’ll Never Stop Going in’, was released on November 26, 2013.

He was also featured on the 2014 mixtape ‘Rich Gang: Tha tour Pt. 1.) On April 1, 2015, his song “Flex” and its music video, “Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh,” were both released on YouTube. He was featured in the 2016 Dae Dae song “Big Bankroll”.


These are the top highlights of Rich Homie Quan’s career:

  • Type of Way (Song, 2013) 
  • Flex (Song, 2015) 
  • The Leaks (Album, 2015) 
  • 34 (Song, 2018) 

Three Life-Changing Lessons From Rich Homie Quan

Now that we know everything about Rich Homie Quan and his success, let’s look at the best lessons we can take from him about life.

1. Follow Your Own Path

People love to judge others. Peer pressure can lead to you abandoning the path you have set for yourself. You don’t have to accept the aspirations of others. Don’t let other people’s dreams and goals influence your life vision. You decide your own path, and where and how long you want to follow it.

2. Do not hesitate to act when you should

People often quote an ancient Roman proverb, “Carpe diem”, which means “Seize the day”. We often fail to act because we lack confidence or courage.

We are unable to move forward because of this hesitation. It keeps us locked in a box wondering what could have been. When you feel the time is right to take action, do it. You will be smarter no matter what the outcome.

3. Take the knowledge you have learned into practice

It doesn’t matter how much knowledge we may have about a topic. Only after we put that knowledge to use can we confirm our understanding.

Yes, we can read all about painting and learn all about the different brush types, colors, and techniques. But only when we step up to a canvas and begin painting can we test our knowledge.

Favorite Quotes From Rich Homie Quan

Although we do not get any bad blood, we don’t talk. We don’t talk as much every day as we might think. We don’t have any bad blood. It is just what it is. I wish him all the best.

I ain’t never even heard his music. I have no bad heart. I am basing it on what he said. Although I may have sung Biggie’s lyrics wrong, it doesn’t mean that I will never be critical of Pac or Biggie. They tried to chop my head off.