What is Robert Oberst’s Net Worth?


Robert Oberst is a well-known strongman.

Oberst won his “Pro Card” in 2012 at the Dallas Europa Amateur Strongman Competition. Oberst is the World’s Strongest Man finalist and is also a finalist at the 2018 and 2013 World’s Strongest Man events. He is loved by many people around the world.

Robert Oberst’s net worth is approximately $2 million, as of June 2022.

Early Life

Robert Oberst was born in Santa Cruz, California on the 20th of December 1984.

Oberst was taller from a young age than his family and friends. He weighed 220 pounds when he was 12 years old. Oberst went to high school in California at Aptos High School.

He played football, track, and field, starting at age 12. Then, he continued his football career at Western Oregon University.


Oberst is a yearly participant in the World’s Strongest Man competition. He was the 2013 World’s Strongest Man Finalist.

In 2018, he won the World’s Strengthest Man Competition. Since second grade, he was nicknamed “O.B.”

He represented the U.S. at the 2019 Tachi Palace World’s Strongest Man. He made it to the final in the competitions. Oberst, Brian Shaw, and Eddie Hall have some of history’s most famous defeats of strengths.

After graduating from Western Oregon University in 2008, he decided to try the NFL. He did not cut and he wasn’t lucky. He went to a nightclub and met one of his colleagues who introduced him to the Strongman world.

His coworker encouraged him and four months later, he had his Pro-Card. This is only one example of how people who are successful make it to the top. They aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.


These are some of Robert Oberst’s greatest moments:

  • San Jose Fit Expo (2012) – 1st place
  • America’s Strongest Man (2012) – 3rd place
  • Finalist in World’s Strongest Man (2013 and 2018) 

Three Powerful Lessons From Robert Oberst About Not Giving Up 

Now that we know more about Robert Oberst’s net worth and how he became successful, let’s take a look at what lessons we can draw from him.

1. Failures

Do not be afraid of failures. Learn from them.

2. Believe

If you really want something, you must believe in yourself. You must be your best friend and motivational person.

3. Never Give up

Oberst was eager to get into the NFL after he graduated. Oberst didn’t make the team, but he was able to be a strongman. He is today one of the strongest strongmen in the world. Never give up.

Favorite Quotes From Robert Oberst 

“I’m just getting a stronger man. It’s all a gradual process. I feel stronger every year. I feel more agile. I have finally found my ideal weight .”

“I have found my sweet spot, where I am not too big to breathe but large enough to make the most of the size I naturally have. Oberst stated that he is currently sitting at 420 lbs. Oberst said, “Last year I was about 430ish and felt it was a bit too large.”