What is Sebastian Pinera’s Net Worth?


Sebastian Pinera is a Chilean billionaire politician and businessman.

He is Chile’s President since 2018. He served as president in 2010 and 2014. Pinera is the child of a Christian Democratic politician as well as a diplomat.

Pinera studied economics at Harvard University and business engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Sebastian Pinera’s net worth was estimated at $2.8 billion as of June 2022.

Early life

Miguel Juan Sebastian Pinera was born in Santiago, Chile, on the 1st of December 1949.

He is the nephew of Bernardino Pinera, the oldest Roman Catholic bishop, who died in 2020.

His family moved to Belgium one year after his birth and then to New York. His father was a Chilean ambassador to United Nations.

Pinera, who was born in Chile, returned to Chile in 1955. In Colegio del Verbo Divino he enrolled and graduated in 1967. He continued to Harvard University. His time at Harward was spent with a classmate who coauthored an article.


Pinera was an economist at the University of Chile. He also taught economics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Adolfo Ibanez University. In 1971, he was responsible for Economic Political Theory at the School of Economics.

He was Banco de Talca’s general manager. A warrant was issued in 1982 for his arrest, accusing him of violating banking laws.

Pinera was in hiding for 24 days while his brother appealed. Pinera was acquitted after a writ de habeas corpus was granted by the Supreme Court.

Pinera ran for President in Chile’s 2009-2010 elections. Pinera won the election with 44.05% and Frei with 29.6%.

He was inducted as the 34th President of Chile in 2010 in a ceremony that took place at a plenary session of the National Congress in Valparaiso.

Pinera lost its ability to govern in 2019, after the outbreak of social unrest.


These are some of Sebastian Pinera’s greatest moments:

  • President of Chile (since 2018)
  • Member of the liberal-conservative National Renewal

Sebastian Pinera’s 3 Political Lessons

We now know everything about Sebastian Pinera’s net worth and how he became successful. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Democracy

It is important to ensure that democracy and human right are protected across borders. It is equally important to respect each country’s right to choose its own course.

2. Financial Crisis

These financial and economic crises are becoming more common. They are not limited to one country but spread quickly all over the globe, so you need to be ready.

3. It’s hard to live a normal life

You have to be tougher than life in order to make a difference.

Sebastian Pinera’s Favorite Quotes

“I believe in a truly democratic system with state law and freedom for the press. I believe in an open, free-market economy that is integrated with the rest of the world. I also believe in equality of opportunities. These are my core beliefs. A few moral values are also part of my belief system.

“Chile may not be the most powerful, wealthy, or largest country in the world but we must work together to make it the best. We don’t have the time to lose .”