What is Susanne Klatten’s Net Worth?


Susanne Klotten is a German billionaire heiress.

Klatten was born to Herbert and Johanna Quandt. Klatten is Germany’s most wealthy woman and the 46th wealthiest person in the entire world.

Klatten, in addition to serving on the board for the automobile company and the pharmaceutical company respectively, is also involved with a number of business ventures. Elle holds shares in Nordex, the German turbine maker, and SGL carbon, the German graphite producer.

Susanne Klatten’s net worth was estimated at $19 Billion as of July 2022.

Early Life

Susanne Hanna Ursula Klatten was born in Bad Homburg, Germany on April 28, 1962

After completing a degree as a business finance professional, she worked in Frankfurt for Young & Rubicam from 1981 to 1983.

Further business experience was gained in London at Dresdner Bank and McKinsey’s Munich branch, as well as the Bankhaus Reuschel & Co.


Herbert Quandt’s 12.5 percent stake in BMW was sold to Susanne after her father died. Klatten and her brother Stefan Quandt joined the BMW Supervisory Board in 1997.

Altana AG is her grandfather’s drug and chemical company. She holds the majority of her grandfather’s stock. She received 50.1 percent of her father’s share in Altana AG when her father passed away. She led the company to greater heights, and it experienced significant growth.

The company was also listed in the German DAX Top 30 Companies List.

The company sold its pharmaceutical business to Nycomed, a Norwegian pharmacy company, in 2006 for an estimated amount of 4.5 million euros. This was paid to shareholders as dividends. The company continued to focus on its specialty chemicals business.

Klatten was made the sole owner in 2009 by purchasing all the shares available, including the 50.1 percent she had inherited as a gift from her father.

In addition to these businesses, she also invests significant sums of money in other business ventures. SGL Carbon SE, one of the most important carbon product producers in the world, has just over 8 percent ownership. There is also the option to purchase additional shares for as high as 25 percent.

How Does Susanne Klatten Spend Her Money

Klatten uses some of her money to buy real estate.

Villa Aigue-Marine is a Cote d’Azur refuge for the German Quandt Family. She is part of the family home in Antibes (France).


These are the top highlights of Susanne’s career.

  • Klatten has shares in the company Nordex. SGL Carbon, Paques and Avista oil

Three Success Lessons From Susanne Klatten

Now that you’re familiar with Susanne’s net worth and how she became successful, let’s examine some of her lessons.

1. Invest in personal growth

You can use personal growth to heal what is broken in you. You don’t need to lose confidence in order to improve areas of your life where you are struggling.

2. Be responsible

Every decision you make in your life will have an impact on how small and insignificant they are. It’s a value system. It is important to analyze your values and how decisions are made in order to succeed.

3. You can think like a leader but you must keep learning

You are ultimately the boss in your own life. You won’t get far if you act like the boss all the time. To learn from the people around you, act like a student.

Favorite Quotes From Susanne Klatten

Being an heir and developing it is the key to our potential. That is what we do every day.

Many believe that we’re permanently sitting on a yacht in the Mediterranean.