What is Tony Hawk’s Net Worth?


Tony Hawk’s net worth was approximately $140 million as of August 2022. Anthony “Tony” Frank Hawk, an American professional skateboarder and actor, is the owner of Birdhouse Skateboard Company.

Hawk is best known for his first-ever documented 900 and for licensing video games. Hawk is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful pioneers in modern vertical skateboarding.

Early Life

Anthony Frank Hawk was born in Carlsbad to Nancy Rupert Hawk and Frank Peter Rupert Hawk on 12 May 1968. Hawk was very interested in skateboarding since he was a youngster.

Hawk was sponsored to skate at the Jean Farb Middle School in 1980. He would continue to push the barrier because of his passion for skating.


Tony Hawk was a member of the Bones Brigade, a legendary team that was into professional skating in 1982. Since the start of his career, he has made numerous television and movie appearances.

In 1986, the first was as a double skater for Josh Brolin in Thrashin’.

He was the first to do a “900”, which is a trick that involves performing two-and-a-half mid-air revolutions (900°) on a skateboard. The trick was performed by him in 1999.

In 2002, Hawk founded Boom Boom HuckJam, an extreme sports tour. After Hawk retired from competing, the tour took shape. He has helped to create many parks under the Tony Hawk Foundation. He has also provided grants to create public skateboard parks for low-income communities.

He teamed up with top skaters to start a YouTube channel in 2012. This created even more fanfare. He has appeared in numerous movies and skate videos. He has starred in many movies including ‘Police Academy 4’, Haggard, Waiting for Lighting’, & ‘Police Academy 4’. Bang!’.

How Does Tony Hawk Spend His Money

Tony Hawk has made many interesting investments over the years. These include coffee chains as well as tech companies. His Tesla Model S is his vehicle of choice for transporting his family. It has an all-white interior. The Tesla Model S starts at $74,490.

MotorTrend was told by Hawk in 2010 that the Jeep Cherokee was his daily driver. Tony Hawk was able to spend $5 per day at Taco Bell at the beginning of 1990.

Hawk was an early Nest investor. He also invested in the Black Plague brewery in San Diego. Hawk also bought a Detroit apartment building with three units in 2016 at an undisclosed cost.


These are some of the greatest moments in Tony Hawk’s career.

  • Spring Nationals Contest at Del Mar: Pool (1983) – Won 
  • Boom Boom HuckJam (2002)
  • Hawk was named one of the most influential skateboarders of all time (2014) 

Three Strong Lessons From Tony Hawk

We now know all about Tony Hawk’s networth and how he became a successful musician. Let’s look at the best lessons we can learn.

1. There is no one better than you

While someone may be more powerful or wealthier than you and have a larger house, they will not be as good as you.

2. Don’t keep things pinned up inside

It is better to communicate and allow it all to be known.

3. Nothing is more powerful than love

This statement should be qualified. Unconditional love is the most powerful thing.

Favorite Quotes From Tony Hawk 

I believe people should be proud of what they do, regardless of how it is perceived or understood by the general public.

I define success as doing what you love. Many people are afraid to follow their passion and do what they feel is necessary.

Skateboarding to me is as much a lifestyle and art form as it is a sport. There are so many things that skateboarding transcends in music, fashion, and entertainment.

My best advice is to believe in myself and take on new challenges, no matter how far you go. You don’t have to be the best or the most successful person in the world. Keep pushing yourself, even if it seems like you’re the only one who can do it. Do it only because you love it. It’s not your ticket to fortune or fame. If you are motivated by that and don’t reach your goals, you won’t be able to keep your passion.