What is Trey Songz’s Net Worth?


Trey Songz has a net worth of approximately $12 million as of June 2022.

Trey Songz (also known as Tremaine Aldon Everson) is an actor, singer and songwriter who has become a huge star in the music industry.

He has been working with some of the most prominent names in the industry since the beginning of his career.

Early Life

Trey was only 17 when his mom gave birth to him. Later, she married a soldier with whom Trey was raised.

Trey attended Petersburg High School, where he first displayed his musical talent at the 1998 talent show. Trey continued his participation in other talent shows. One of these led to Troy Taylor, Atlantic Records’ record producer, discovering him. At the age of 15, he signed a contract with the label.


Trey started a band with some of his classmates in high school. He would also spend summers in New Jersey learning more about the industry and his talent.

Trey graduated high school in 2002 and moved to New Jersey to pursue a career.

In 2003, he received $100,000 as an advance and began recording his music in 2004. Later, he released many mixtapes under the name Prince of Virginia.

His debut album, “I Gotta Make It”, was released in 2005. It reached number 20 on Billboard’s top 200.

He released the album “Trey Day” in 2007. It featured Danja and Terry Lewis. The album reached number 11 on Billboard’s top 200 charts.

He released two additional mixtapes, “Anticipation” and “Genesis”, which included vocal recordings of him at 15.

His 2009 album, ‘Ready’, showed that he had remade himself. He changed his style and appearance to be more club-ready and sensual. The album reached number 3 on Billboard’s charts, and it had six hits singles.

His single “Bottoms Up” with Nicki Minaj reached the Billboard Hot 100 at number six. It was one of his greatest hits.

He released the album “Inevitable” in 2011 and was a star of the film “Texas Chainsaw 3D”. In 2014, he launched ‘Trigga’ which reached number one on Billboard’s 200 charts.


These are some of Trey Songz’s greatest moments:

  • BET Awards, Best Male R&B Artist, (2010)
  • Grammy Awards, Best Contemporary R&B Record, (2010) – Nominee
  • Teen Choice Awards, Choice R&B Artist (2013) – nominated
  • Grammy Awards, Best R&B Song, (2013) – nominee


  • BET Awards, Best Male R&B Artist, (2010)
  • Grammy Awards, Best Contemporary R&B Album, (2010) – nominee
  • Teen Choice Awards, Choice R&B Artist, (2013) – nominee
  • Grammy Awards, Best R&B Song, (2013) – nominee

Three Rules For Success From Trey Songz

We now know the details about Trey Songz’s net worth and how he became successful. Let’s look at some of his greatest success lessons.

1. Believe in yourself

You can’t expect others not to believe in your abilities if you don’t believe it. Your motivation and drive to achieve your goals will be driven by your belief in yourself. Everything else should go smoothly if you have faith in yourself.

2. Change is good

Progress is a part of the change. If you are doing something right, your life is heading in the right direction. Making a positive change in your life will bring you closer to the place you want to go.

3. Be true to your values

It is important to be true to your beliefs and morals in all aspects of life. If you want to make positive changes in your life, you must start somewhere. By setting an example, you can make a huge impact on the lives of those around you.

Favorite Quotes From Trey Songz

You must believe in yourself …. to live a good life. You live your life for yourself, and you don’t have to do it for others. Be focused on the things you want. Go get it.

Never lose sight of the values that were instilled in your heart and what is truly important in life. Do not allow other people’s voices to drown out your inner voice.

Count your blessings. I count my blessings every time I do something wrong. And I always lose track. You might try that once in a while.