What is Tyra Banks’ Net Worth?


Tyra Banks’ networth is $90 Million as of July 20,22.

Tyra Banks is an American TV personality, and producer. She is also a businesswoman.

Banks, who began her career in modeling at the age of 15, was the first African-American woman to feature on the cover of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Early Life

Tyra Lynne Banks was born December 4, 1973, in Inglewood. Banks is the daughter of Carolyn London and Donald Banks. Her mother was an artist in medicine, and her father was a computer consultant.

She is the second daughter of her parents. Devin, five years younger than her, is her older brother. After a sudden growth spurt, she was taller and thinner than usual at 11 years of age.


Tyra Banks started her modeling career while still in school at the age of 15 After being rejected four times by modeling agencies, she was signed to L.A. Models.

She was awarded a contract by Elite Model Management in 1990. This allowed her to move to Milan and then model in Europe.

In 1997, she was made a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She was also featured in Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog for the first time as a black woman. VH1 also named her Supermodel of the Year in 1997.

Banks first appeared on the big screen in 1995 with the film ‘Higher Learning’. After a few roles in movies like Love Stinks’ or Love & Basketball’, she was cast as Eve in the Disney Channel telefilm titled ’Life-Size’ in 2000.

She quickly founded her own production firm, ‘Bankable Productions. Through this company, she created and executive produced the “America’s Next Top Model” reality television series in 2003.

She started her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, in 2005. This talk show focused on issues faced by young women. The show ran for five seasons, and it won back-to-back Daytime Emmys.


Here are some highlights from Tyra’s career:

  • Victoria’s Secret Model (1997-2005) 
  • The Tyra Banks Show (2005-2010) 
  • America’s Next Top Model (Tv-Show, 2003-2015, 2017-Present)

Three Modeling Lessons From Tyra Banks

Now that we know everything about Tyra Banks’ networth and how she became successful, let’s see some of the lessons that can be learned from her.

1. It’s all about the ‘Smize.

Even if America’s Next Top Model is not something you are familiar with, it’s impossible to miss its power. Banks has hosted all 24 of its seasons.

The show’s format is simple: A group of aspiring models competes to be America’s Next Top Model. They do so in a series of fashion challenges and photo shoots. One contestant is eliminated each week.

2. Fashion is possible from any material

Banks is all about knowing your angles and how to use them. Banks’ main focus was to make things fashionable – one pose might be ‘hoochy’ but a few adjustments will make it editorial.

3. Fashion is about facing your fears

ANTM has a lot of extreme contestants. Producers came up with some really unusual ideas for the show, such as having contestants pose on a moving rollercoaster and walking on water bubbles.

Every season had a photo shoot that involved a wild animal, such as a snake or bird. It was a common occurrence. The contestants who were terrified of the animals made for a great storyline. Never be afraid to confront your fears.

Favorite Quotes From Tyra Banks

I dislike looking at awards every day because they can make me lazy. I give them to Mom and let her see them every day. These are symbols of her hard work. These awards were possible because of her sacrifices. But I don’t see any awards every single day.

My career is spent in meetings. Dressed sharply, looking great; negotiating over tables, strategizing, or coming up with innovative marketing plans or ideas. This makes me very, very happy.