What is Usher’s Net Worth?


Usher’s net worth was approximately $180 million as of July 2022.

American singer, songwriter, and dancer Usher Raymond IV hails from Dallas. His 1994 self-titled debut album was his first major success. His second album was his first U.S Billboard Hot 100 success.

Usher has released many albums and songs over his career. He is also known for being one of the most influential R&B singers of the 21st Century.

Early Life

Usher Raymond IV was born on October 14, 1978, in Dallas, Texas. He is the son of Usher Raymond III and Jonetta Patton. Usher spent most of his childhood in Chattanooga. When Usher was just one year old, his father left him.

Usher graduated from North Springs High School, where he went on to pursue his singing career. His grandmother was the first to discover his talent for singing.


At the age of 15, Usher signed a contract with LaFace Records to record his debut album. It was a success and reached No.25 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and No.167 on Billboard 200.

Soon after Usher graduated high school, he began to learn new skills and released his next album. His second album, ‘My Way, was released in 1997. It featured hits like ‘You Make Me Wanna’ and ‘Nice & Slow’. It reached No. 15 on the Billboard 200.

2001 was the year Usher released his third album, ‘8701’. It sold more than 210,000 copies in its first week. It also reached number four on US Billboard 200.

The fourth album by Usher was released in 2004. It received positive reviews. His new album was a huge success, selling over 1.1 million copies within its first week.

Then came two more albums, ‘Here I Stand (2008) and ‘Raymond V Raymond’ (2010). Both were very successful.

His 2018 album, Daddy’s home, was also a hit.


These are some of the greatest moments in Usher’s career.

  • My Way (Album, 1997)
  • 8701 (Album, 2001)
  • U Got It Bad (Song, 2001)
  • Confessions (Album, 2004)
  • Yeah! (Song, 2004)
  • Same Girl (Song, 2007)
  • Here I Stand (Album, 2008)
  • Caught Up (Music Video, 2009)
  • Looking 4 Myself (Album, 2012)
  • Grammy Awards (Best R&B Performance, 2013) – Won
  • Image Awards (Outstanding Song, 2015) – Nominated
  • Hard II Love (Album, 2016)
  • “A” (Album, 2018)

Favorite Quotes From Usher

It takes dedication to achieve success. It’s possible to not get to where you want or to do what you want, but you can be there. You have to be willing and able to see the big picture, to make it happen.

When you are trying to find your purpose in life, breaking up is natural. It won’t work if you are with someone who doesn’t move in the same direction as you and at the same place.