What is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?


Vladimir Putin’s net worth was estimated at $70 billion as of August 2022.

Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president, is currently serving his fourth term. Putin’s controversial relationship with Donald Trump and his violations of human rights against Russia’s LGBT community has attracted national attention.

Putin’s political career began in the 1990s and has remained popular ever since.

Early Life

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was the youngest of the three children in the Putin family. He was born in Leningrad, Russia on 7 October 1952.

His brothers, one of whom died in infancy and the other from diphtheria, were his parents. His mother worked in a factory and his father sustained injuries during World War II.

Putin was fascinated by Soviet cinema and wanted the role of the intelligence officers that were frequently in those films. He learned judo and sambo and was a black belt in Judo. Vladimir studied German at high school, and can now speak fluently.

After graduating high school, Putin went to Leningrad State University and studied Law. He graduated in 1975. Following law school, Putin joined the KGB and worked in counter-intelligence, and then served undercover in Germany until 1990.

In 1991, he resigned as Lieutenant Colonel from the KGB.


Putin’s political career started in 1990 when he was appointed to be the advisor on international affairs to Leningrad’s Mayor. Putin held various government positions, including the position of deputy chief of Presidential Staff.

Putin was elected acting Prime Minister of Russia’s Federation in 1999. He also agreed to run for president. Although he was not affiliated with any political party, he pledged his support to the Union party.

He was elected the Russian Federation’s acting President just a few months after he had been appointed as acting Prime Minister. His first term as president lasted until 2004, while his second term lasted until 2008.

The National Priority Projects were established during his second term to help improve Russia’s education, health, and agriculture.

2008 was Putin’s second term as President. He couldn’t run for another term because of the Constitution. He was elected President for the third time in 2012 and is currently serving his fourth term.

Russia has experienced many changes during Putin’s reign, including a reorganization of the electoral districts, an annexation of Crimea and a military overhaul.


These are some of the greatest highlights of Vladimir Putin’s career.

  • Yerevan State University: Honorary doctorate (2001)
  • Athens University: Honorary doctorate (2001)
  • Time magazine: Person of the Year (2007)
  • China International Peace Research Center Confucious Peace Prize (2011)
  • University of Belgrade; Honorary doctorate (2011)
  • Pope Francis: Angel of Peace Medal (2015)

Favorite Quotes From Vladimir Putin

We don’t need a weak government, but a strong government that will take care of the rights and the welfare of the entire society.

The road to a libertarian society was not an easy one. There have been many tragic and beautiful moments in our history.

The ability to compromise does not mean being polite towards a partner, but rather respecting and taking into consideration your partner’s legitimate needs.