What is Zach LaVine’s Net Worth?


Zach LaVine is an American professional player in basketball for the Chicago Bulls.

LaVine was the Timberwolves’ 13th overall selection in the NBA draft in 2014 and was thus selected in the first round. He is a Slam Dunk Contest two-time champion.

Zach LaVine’s net worth is $3 Million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Zachary LaVine, a Washington native, was born in Renton on March 10, 1995.

Paul LaVine, his father was a former professional footballer. Cheryl Johnson is LaVine’s mother was a former softball pitcher.

LaVine was influenced by Michael Jordan’s basketball play and decided to follow his dream. Later, he was a great admirer of Kobe Bryant’s basketball skills.


LaVine showed extraordinary basketball abilities during his senior years of high school. In 2013, he was the Associated Press Washington State player of the year. He also won the prestigious title of Washington Mr. Basketball.

LaVine took part in the 2013 “Ballislife All-American Game”, which is an annual all-star tournament for high-school basketball players. This game saw him win the ‘Slam Dunk Contest. In the same year, he was ranked number 12 as a “shooting guard” and number 44 in the nation.

LaVine declared himself eligible to participate in the ‘NBA Draft’ in the following year. LaVine, the thirteenth overall pick of the ‘NBA’ Minnesota Timberwolves team, was chosen in June 2014.

He scored 35 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016.

LaVine scored 14 in 2018 for the Chicago Bulls in his first game in 11 months. In a win against the Detroit Pistons, LaVine also scored 35 in February, which was his season-high.


These are some highlights from Zach LaVine’s career.

  • AP Washington Player Award (2013)
  • Washington Mr. Basketball (2013)
  • NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team (2015)
  • 2x NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (2015, 2016)

Three Life Lessons From Zach LaVine

Now that you’re familiar with Zach LaVine, his net worth, and how he became successful, let’s see some of the lessons that we can learn.

1. Communication

Communicate with your teammates. There are many factors that play into this. You are also responsible for guarding two or three players on the team. They are probably their most talented players so you need to be focused on them.

2. Prove Critics Wrong

There are many critics, many people you want to prove wrong. That’s why you put in so much effort in the offseason.

3. Good and Bad Days

There will always be good and bad days, but you must learn to overcome them.

Favorite Quotes From Zach LaVine

When I was younger, my dad and I used to do various things. It was not what I would call community service. It was more about us doing good things. We used to do can drives and Goodwill. Don’t hesitate to give money to those who are in dire need. It’s the smallest things that make a difference.

I can recall when I was in third grade. The teacher asked us what we wanted to do as adults. I answered, “I want to be a professional basketball player.