Top 10 A-List Stars Fired From Movies Mid-Production

Many actors dream of landing a role on a popular TV show or in a blockbuster movie, but it is not always possible. Hollywood’s elite can be fired just like everyone else. It happens far more often than you think.

Stars may be halfway through a movie or an Amazon series, but if they aren’t feeling it, or if the studio changes its mind, the entire project can end in a matter of seconds. Many of the most prominent names in the industry had to leave roles that could have changed their careers.

10 Ed Skrein

Daario Naharis was originally played by Ed Skrein on Game of Thrones. But he was replaced later on by Michiel Huisman in the show’s final seasons. Skrein stated that he never intended to leave GoT and that he was determined to stay on the show.

Skrein stated that Skrein was unhappy about the decision to part ways. He claimed that although he would have loved to have stayed on Game of Thrones he had other plans. He is a Deadpoolstar whose career has taken off so he doesn’t have to miss out on acting opportunities. However, it seems that he regrets being pushed from the show.