Top 10 Weird Things About Batman Comics

Batman’s latest movie is a noir detective film that is dark and serious. Batman must stop the Riddler who is a serial killer. As cool as this sounds (and it is), I have to admit that it is quite a feat. It can be difficult to remember that comics and especially Batman comics used to be, and sometimes still is, ridiculously stupid and silly.

Therefore, I feel it is my duty and obligation to discuss the most bizarre and stupid things Batman has done in comics.

 Shark Repellent

10 Shark Repellent

Many Batman and movie lovers are familiar with the famous scene from 1966 Batman, starring Adam West (Cape Crusader) and Burt Ward (Boy Wonder). Robin uses shark repellent to defeat a robotic shark sent from the Penguin. In 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie Robin, played by Micheal Cera, is obsessed with shark repellent.

It is often believed that Batman carries this object in his utility belt. You’ll notice that the shark repellent in the 1966 movie is actually in the Bat Helicopter, not in his utility belt. Similar things are shown in The Lego Batman Movie where they can be seen in the Batcave. Comic fans love to bring up this misconception, but it is a common misconception. In Batman #117 in 1958, Batman used shark repellent for the first time. Robin and Batman travel to an alien planet and are attacked by “sharklike” creatures. Batman quickly pulls out his Shark Repellent Bat spray and repels the “shark-like” creatures.

y some. Detective Comics #337 was published in 1965. It shows Batman trying to stop a 700-pound gorilla bombing Gotham City. He lifts him up and waits for the bomb to explode. You might wonder why? You might wonder why?