Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in the World 2022

Do you want to find out who the youngest billionaires are in 2022? This list contains the top 10 most young billionaires worldwide.

You might have seen or heard this quote “Money doesn’t matter, but a lot is important”. You can’t be stopped from becoming a successful person, but you only. It doesn’t matter what your age is, only how committed you are to it. Young billionaires who have been successful are a great example of this and a source of inspiration for the rest. Forbes named them the youngest billionaires in the world for 2022.

10 Jonathan Kwok

The net worth of this 29-year-old Hongkong real estate magnate is $2.4 billion. Walter Kwok, his father was also a real-estate tycoon. Jonathan, along with his brothers, received the fortune.

Sun Hung Kai Properties was his father’s chairman. He was forced to leave the firm due to a dispute with his brothers. Jonathan was able to claim his grandmother, who was also the co-founder of this firm.

Jonathan is currently the director of empire Group Holdings. He oversees property acquisitions, project growth and other activities related to asset and portfolio management.