Top 10 Wealthiest Comic Book Characters

You don’t think of Richie Rich or Scrooge McDuck when you think about the richest comic-book characters ever, correct?

It would make more sense to choose Batman or Iron Man.

True enough, Richie Rich and Scrooge are two of the richest comic book characters ever.

Scroll through the list to see their ranking and then look for number 1.

It’s not who you might think!

10 Ozymandias

Tenth place is for the smartest man alive.

Ozymandias began life with a large inheritance, but he decided not to give it away. Instead, he used his intelligence and genius to get it back.

He was a pioneer in genetic engineering, and he used his money to fund charitable activities and events around the globe.

I think he’s quite cool. It’s no easy feat to give away all that money and then earn it back!