Top 10 Actors Who Hated Their Most Profitable Performances

For many actors, landing a role in a big-budget movie is a dream come real. Stars often owe their success to outstanding performances that made them stand out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they remember the project with fondness. Even big stars like George Clooney won’t hesitate to admit they would reconsider some of their greatest movies.

While big studios like Disney have a focus on making money, actors can be their harshest critics. These stars aren’t afraid of expressing their disapproval of a project, no matter how lucrative it was in the end.

10 Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone boasts a number of impressive credits. For a start, he is Rocky Balboa. He starred as the boxer for one of the most profitable franchises in history. Stallone isn’t proud of his achievements, even though he’s a champion in boxing.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, a famous comedy saga from 1992, earned Comcast’s Universal Pictures $70 million. But Stallone wishes it hadn’t been made. According to an interview Sly gave to, he thinks it’s “maybe the worst film in the entire solar system.”

Stallone may be right, but the film wasn’t a complete flop. It did not take much at the box office. The film earned $70.6 million against a $45million budget. It did not do as poorly as some of the other movies at that time.