Top 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Dance Moms

Dance Moms, a Lifetime reality series, became a huge hit. The show features Abby Lee Miller, a strict dance teacher, and her junior elite dance team. The dancers are shown on the show, which gives viewers a glimpse into competitive dance. Although Dance Moms highlights the talent of dancers, the majority of the attention is given to their mothers. It’s quite entertaining to see grown women fighting over which daughter is the best.

You probably know that reality television is not all as it seems. Their mothers also suffer from a lot of criticism and pressure. Abby loved Maddie Ziegler, which only added tension. But the producers know how to stir things up. They create drama by inciting situations. Some former dancers from ALDC have revealed the truth since they left the show. These are the backstage secrets that Dance Moms don’t reveal to you on TV.

10 The Pyramid

Abby performs her “Pyramid” at the beginning of each episode of Dance Moms. This basically means she ranks her dancers from worst to best. You must be on point and not miss a beat to make it to the top. All the girls want to be at the top. But, no matter how hard they work, it is impossible for a mom to fight with Abby Lee and her child will end up at the bottom.

Abby shows who is at the bottom of the pyramid and criticizes her dancers. It is quite shocking to see these talented and hardworking children being told by their teachers how terrible they are.