Top 10 Celebrities That Really Make A Difference

Celebrities are often a source of fascination for us because of their presence on stage or screen. But, these celebrities don’t stop there. Their “day job” impacts our lives but they also make significant donations to charities that help society. Celebrities may use charity work to make a point, but other public figures have dedicated a large portion of their lives and careers to helping others. Here’s a list of celebrities who continue to give back and restore faith in humanity.

1 Elton John

Elton John is a major contributor to AIDS research. In the 1980’s, he founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation. After witnessing the deaths of many close friends, he became passionate about this project. Over 50 charities have received crucial donations from him over the years. He supports many other causes, including disaster relief, homelessness, hunger, civil rights and bullying, as well as gay/lesbian equality.