Top 10 Celebrities Who Earn Millions from Side Gigs

Hollywood may seem like it’s a one-way trip to fame and fortune, but this isn’t always true. It is possible to fall as quickly as you rise. Celebrities understand how important it can be to diversify into business and create lucrative side hustles.

While there is much to be enjoyed from starring in a Disney movie it will not bring you the same level of income for life. The biggest stars in the industry have invested in companies to protect their interests. These A-listers do it right, whether they are creating new products or launching unexpected wine ventures.

10 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne’s career has taken a leap from her teen years to becoming a more experienced actor. While she was a star in Amazon Prime’s Paradise City 2021, it was only a few years prior that she began exploring new avenues.

Thorne wrote a Young Adult novel, Autumn Falls, in 2014 for Random House. The series featured a young girl who discovers magic for the first time. The book series continued with two more books. The last one hit shelves in 2016. Bella doesn’t seem to have plans for any more books. But who knows what she might be up to?