Top 10 Celebrities Who Were TV Show Contestants

Before they became famous, they were just like us. While many of these stars were bound for greatness, their appearances on reality and competition shows helped them get the recognition that they deserved. While their appearances on TV didn’t help their careers, it was still fun to look at these actors before they became famous. These Hollywood stars were once contestants in reality or game-show shows.

10 Nicole Scherzinger – Popstars

Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, was previously a contestant on Popstars before she became a star. Scherzinger was made a member of the group Eden’s Crush by the show. They only lasted for one year and Scherzinger was looking for a solo career. She was eventually recommended to The Pussy Cat Dolls, and she rose to fame.

The group split in 2009. However, the singer didn’t let this get her down. She was now able to expand her horizons in entertainment. She was a solo artist and a judge for The X Factor UK. She was a voice actor and appeared in the Dirty Dancing remake. She has an impressive resume for a girl who became famous on a reality TV show.