Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Trends That Made Designers Millions

Since the days of newspapers, celebrity and fashion have been intertwined. People have been heavily influenced and inspired by the clothes of their idols for a long time. It’s not surprising that we would want to model icons like Kate Moss or Audrey Hepburn.

Designers stand to make serious money from trend surges. It takes just one celebrity to wear a trend and it will sell out in hours. While some celebrity-sparked trends may seem questionable today, they were still making designers millions at the time.

10 Oversized Sweatsuits

Popularized by: Aaliyah

Designer: Tommy Hilfiger

Est. Price Today: $100+

Aaliyah is still a significant influence in fashion and her looks from the ’90s continue to inspire many other fashionistas. Aaliyah was known to wear oversized clothing, and in particular, sweatsuits that were too big.

Tommy Hilfiger was the star’s favorite brand of sweatsuits. She was spotted wearing one of their blue suits on a couple of occasions. Aaliyah usually wore it with a plain tee and lots of stack rings and bracelets. Hilfiger today is a $1 billion dollar brand.