Top 10 Celebrity Kids and Their Famous Parents

Some children inherit family heirlooms. But these celebrities are certain to win the genetic lottery. They all came from musical and family dynasties and many of their famous genes are evident.

You might think that your life will be easy if your parents are celebrities, but having connections and a large trust fund can give you an advantage. Many celebrities have used their status to become famous themselves. So, we compiled a list featuring some of our favorite celebrities as well as their children. Many of these kids chose to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

10 Jada Pinkett and Willow Smith, age 19

Willow Smith was another star-crossed celebrity child. Will Smith is her father, a well-known actor, rapper, and media personality. Jada Pinkett Smith is her mother, an actress, singer and songwriter. It’s not surprising that she was born to be a star.

Willow inherited her style from her mom, but she also has the talents of her parents. She is now a singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. In 2007, she made her film debut with the movie ” Legend“. She also had a hit in 2011 with ” Wipe My Hair“. She has been unstoppable since then and continues to make an impact.