Top 10 Celebrity Real Names

Being a famous star has all types of aspects to it beyond the music itself. Famous actors, musicians, and pop stars all have a publicist who decides their every move. Publicists determine what you say, what you eat, who you see in public, what you wear, and even what your stage name is! Many of the stars that we know and love today have their private names, as well their stage names. We wanted to know the real names and stage names of some of today’s most prominent pop stars.

10 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the most well-known female pop star of this century. From a G-rated Disney star in her youth, she has become an international influencer and female power. Cyrus is a leader in activism and setting daily trends, from fashion to social behavior. Her birth name was Destiny Hope Cyrus (which is also a pop star name). As a child, her nickname was “Smiley”. So when she was looking for a shorter, more brand-oriented pop star name, she chose Miley.