Top 10 Celebrity Romances: Height Doesn’t Matter

It is often said that the road to love doesn’t run smoothly. But when two people love each other, love almost always wins. True love is unstoppable, regardless of race, religion, gender, and age. It can even lead people to forget their differences and make them forget all about society, conventions and their opinions. This can make it difficult to find true love, especially when there are height gaps.

We have compiled a list highlighting celebrity power couples with noticeable height differences. The height gap becomes apparent when they are together on the red carpet. These celebrities prove that height is only a matter of height, and that love can still be love.

10 Mary-Kate Olsen (5’2″) and Olivier Sarkozy (6’3″)

Mary-Kate Olsen was a child star in the television series “Full House” with her twin sister Ashley Olsen. The twin duo, who were both actors, fashionistas, and producers, had shared a life together in the spotlight. When the media discovered that Mary-Kate was dating Olivier Sarkosky it caused a media storm and plenty of tabloid speculation.

One reason for the interest was Mary Kate was 31 years old and Olivier was 49. Olivier is a French banker. He is also half-brother with the French President. Although height and age differences were a major issue for the media, the couple didn’t find this to be a problem and have been married ever since 2015.