Top 10 Charlize Theron’s Less-Than-Ideal Life Story

In 2004, Charlize Theron became the target of envy for every woman in Hollywood when she was named the Best Actress at the 76th Academy Awards after her groundbreaking performance as the prostitute-turned-serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster.’ Theron is also an actress that can make any woman in America jealous of her talent and natural beauty.

Charlize is a remarkable actress, but she suffered a very tragic childhood. She was traumatized by a specific incident in her youth. The blonde beauty from South Africa had to see her mother kill her father. Theron’s personal tale might have all the elements of a Hollywood drama, such as abuse and murder, sometimes the truth is worse than fiction.

10 Her Childhood Was Plagued By Illness

If you were to look at Charlize today, it would seem that she was an ideal woman with her class and good looks. The first ten years of her life were anything but idyllic. Actually, it was the exact opposite. The actress, who was born on August 7, 1975, revealed that her early childhood was “quite devastating” (to The Sun). “I was only 11 years old when I lost my teeth.”

She did have teeth but she had to have them removed because of a long-term condition. What was the cause of that illness? Jaundice. She explained that she had the fangs from jaundice as a child and was given so many antibiotics that her teeth rotted. According to Theron, they had to remove her teeth. “So, I have never had milk teeth.”