Top 10 Controversial Celebrity Endorsements of All Time

The power of celebrities has been used by brands for years to sell their goods, no matter how expensive they may be. The tactic of selling goods to celebrities is often a huge success, but every now and again, brands fail.

This list includes ads that are extremely sensitive and tasteless, as well as luxury watch endorsements that go wrong. Many of these celebrities deeply regret giving their star to companies with badly thought-out commercial campaigns.

10 Popchips with Ashton Kutcher

Popchips’ shockingly insensitive advertisement, in which Ashton Kutcher portrays a variety of characters, has not been forgotten by many. It also depicts a stereotypically stereotyped Indian man. The massive public outrage against the racist commercial led to the commercial being taken down almost immediately.

Kutcher managed to escape injury, his career not being affected by the decision to wear brown makeup to mock an Indian accent in the advertisement. Famous Indian-American actors and public figures continue to make fun of the offensive skit.