Top 10 Expensive Bodyguards of Famous Stars

Celebrity life seems glamorous, elegant, and trouble-free to the average person. Ask any Hollywood star, and you’ll find out that it is far from reality. Celebrities are rarely allowed to travel alone for safety reasons, depending on how well-known they are. Celebrities have the luxury of having top-of-the-line security and are often escorted by some of the most expensive bodyguards in business.

Many celebrities trust their bodyguards. In fact, they spend so much time together that they would consider them close personal friends. True fans may even be able to identify and name their favorite celebrities’ bodyguards.

10 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s popularity has risen steadily since her first appearance on the music scene back in the late 00s. Swift has more hits and tours than you can shake your stick at. She also has loyal fans.

Swift’s many feuds and rival stars have made her a household name on gossip columns as well as social media sites Facebook and. The paparazzi are eager to take a picture of Swift. Taylor has two bodyguards who follow her everywhere she goes.

These include doing things that guards might not enjoy, like riding on a rollercoaster or shopping for hours. Thankfully, the salary is more than compensated for this.

Star’s Net Worth: $290 million

Annual Protection Cost: $400,000