Top 10 Faces of the World’s Youngest Female Billionaires

Normally, it takes many years and a great deal of hard work to become a billionaire. There are many billionaires. And there are also these women. These young female billionaires are changing our perception of what it is to be extremely wealthy. Some of these women have made it on their own and are business-savvy enough to achieve financial success. Their fortune was passed to their children. These women were fortunate enough to be born into the right families and have complete freedom to do as they please.

Just think about what it would feel like to be able to travel on a private jet. Imagine not having work and being free to purchase whatever you want. Those are some of the perks. Many young women are aware that wealth comes with responsibility and stress. These are the youngest female billionaires in the entire world, aged between 19 and 50.

10 Holly Branson

Holly Branson is worth $3.8 Billion. Sir Richard Branson (her father), is an entrepreneur who controls more than 400 companies. His net worth is $4.9 billion. Holly was the Virgin Group and Virgin Unite executive, as she is the heir to the Virgin fortune. Holly isn’t a spoilt child of a millionaire. She proved that she is also a Branson’s brain. Holly completed medical school and specialized in neurology.

She became a doctor and worked in the neurology department at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She also travels extensively to do humanitarian and philanthropic work. She’s the author of “WEconomy,” a book that explains how you can find meaning and make a living while changing the world.