Top 10 Green Screens and CGI Behind The Scenes

It is amazing to see the Hollywood movies that we love so much while they are being made. The movie industry has made great strides thanks to technological advances, such as impressive CGI (computer-generated imagery) and green screen technology. It’s safe for me to say that we are no longer living in an era of smoke and mirrors. Hollywood has changed and we can see the results.

No longer do we have to settle for “special effects” that aren’t impressive enough. Hollywood has done a great job convincing us. You might be curious to know how they do it. They usually do it in a huge hangar, in front of a green screen. There’s also post-production. It involves a lot of “after-effects.” Take a look at these cool photos showing the magic of Hollywood.

10 Game of Thrones

Targaryen’s three dragons can be identified by their color scales. Drogon is red, Rhaegal green and Viserion yellow/gold. These three dragons are very similar to the ones in “Adventure”, an Atari 2600 game. Did you know? Emilia Clarke got three tattoos of dragons on her wrist after filming the final scenes. It was a way for her to mark their presence in her heart and her body.