Top 10 Highest-Paid Celebrity Assistants In Hollywood

It is no secret that celebrities and the wealthy have many people working for them. The more famous a celebrity is, the they have more staff. Celebrities can’t imagine their lives without an assistant. They know their schedules, run their errands, and are there for them at every stage of their personal and public life.

Although it is a highly paid job, the task of being an assistant for a celebrity can be stressful. Without further delay, here are some people who help celebrities as your favorite stars get through their day. These PAs truly run the world, just ask corporations like Disney!

10 Steph Shep  —  Kim Kardashian

In 2013, reality TV star Kim Kardashian hired Stephanie Shepherd as her assistant. She was later promoted to chief operations officer at Kardashian West Brands. Many believed the split was caused by a feud between the two women in 2017.

Kim Kardashian clarified the situation in 2018 when she said, “You guys, I’ve never had an argument with you.” She wanted to move in a different direction. That is something I admire. It’s a joy to encourage those I work with. People don’t have to stop working together. It doesn’t mean they stop being friends and are feuding.

Years Worked With Celebrity: 2013-2017

Est. Salary: $65,000