Top 10 Highest-Paid Female Models in the World

Which models are the richest and highest-paid in the world? This list contains the top 10 highest-paid female models worldwide.

Modeling is a very popular career, particularly for women. It can bring you both fame and name. The world has many female models who make huge salaries. Do you know which female models are the most well-paid? This post will help you find out.

We have updated our list of the 10 highest-paid female model, just like the post on the 10 richest female models. Let’s see which models are the highest-paid in the world.

10 Liu Wen

Liu Wen is a beautiful, highly paid female model from China. She is also a bona fide supermodel. Forbes magazine claims that Liu Wen was the first Asian model to be listed on the annual list of the highest-paid models. Her clients include H&M and Estee Lauder, Tory Burch and Calvin Klein, Coach, La Perla and Esprit, as well as Lane Crawford. She is also one of the first ever Chinese models to be a Victoria’s Secret dearest, and she was featured on the cover of American Vogue. She is earning too much, so she is considered one of the highest-paid female models based on her annual income.