Top 10 Hollywood’s Not-So-Tall Celebrities

Hollywood stars are everywhere. This is the price that celebrities pay to be famous. Actors are often attractive so they can attract more viewers and appeal to the public. But not all actors are “tall, handsome, and dark.” It’s sometimes difficult to determine how tall actors are despite all the paparazzi taking photos of them everywhere.

These celebrities are beautiful, even though they may not be the tallest. I don’t care how tall or small they may be, I would marry anyone on this list. Sometimes, the best things in life are small packages. The shortest Hollywood stars prove height doesn’t matter.

10 Elijah Wood: 5’6ft. (1.68 m)

After starring in the Lord of the Rings films, Elijah Wood became a star in Hollywood. The role of Frodo Baggins was a success and Wood became a household name. He was able to break into other areas of the industry without difficulty. In 2010, he founded SpectreVision, a film production company.

Wood said that the company was founded to make movies and not for him to star in. However, he did appear in Cooties, Open Windows and other films. He replied, “For the most part, there is a separation between church and state. Producing is a different job than acting. To put on the other hat, I must consciously remove one of my hats.