Top 10 Hollywood’s Up and Coming Brand Entrepreneurs

You can’t help but see an actor or model on the big screen, but that is only one aspect of who they are. Many Hollywood stars are business-people disguised. Over the years, celebrities have invested in almost anything, from llama farming to the latest VR technology. It doesn’t matter what it was, so long as they believed it would help them to grow their wealth and preserve their legacy. Let’s take an in-depth look at Hollywood’s top entrepreneurs and the brands they either created, invested in, or endorsed.

10 Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has created a number of brands that range from affordable and healthy snack bars to CBD-rich products. This is without sacrificing her acting career or family. Bell’s products have a focus on sustainability, affordability, and health.

This Saves Lives is a line of GMO-free and gluten-free snack bars that help women who have been in prison. 1% of Happy Dance CBD products’ profits are donated to a project that assists women who have served time. But, the most remarkable of all Bell’s brands is Hello Bello which she co-founded with Dax Shepard. It is a plant-based line of affordable baby products.