Top 10 Interesting Facts About Brandi Pasante of ‘Storage Wars’

Brandi Leigh Pasante is a reality TV celebrity best known for her appearances on Storage Wars with Jarrod Schilz and her own show, ‘Brandi & Jarrod Married to the Job’. Jarrod is her business partner and he runs a secondhand clothing store. Their two children are Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz. Passante was famous for her participation in the Storage Wars.

Let’s take a look back at Storage Wars and the incredible ups and downs that she experienced and how it got her there.

10 Her childhood years

Brandi Passante was conceived in Harris, Texas on May 16, 1980. There isn’t much information available about her private life. This is something she doesn’t want to talk about with the media or the public. At some point in her adult life, she moved to California. We don’t know the exact date, but she still uses “y’all” in her speech.

Passante always wanted to be a chef. Passante didn’t plan to get into reality television. When she was on Rachael Ray 2006, she appeared on TV several years before Storage Wars.