Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Proposals Ever

Proposals for marriage are an important moment in anyone’s life. It can be a long, elaborate ceremony that ends with the significant other proposing, or it can be a spontaneous request in the heat of the moment. It’s unforgettable.

Many people are content with a simple gesture of love, but others expect the proposal to be more elaborate. Proposals can be expensive with flash mobs and flashy rings. No wonder these celebrities, who have the financial means, go all-out when proposing.

10 Ryan Serhant & Emilia Bechrakis

While Emilia Bechrakis and Ryan Serhant might not be household names, they are well-known for their roles on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. Serhant paid “hundreds [of thousands] of dollars” to shut down Times Square.  Bechrakis was led through empty red chairs to an 8-piece orchestra to ask the question. Bechrakis was aware of what was going on and sobbed as he led him through empty Times Square. His bank account no doubt felt the same.