Top 10  No.1 Songs For The Longest Time

This list contains songs that have remained at No.1 for the longest. The Hot 100 Chart Achievements of Billboard included all the songs. We will go through the songs and tell you about them so you have something to share at your next social gathering.

10 “Billie Jean”– Michael Jackson (7 weeks)

March 5, 1983, marked the first day that “Billie Jean” reached No.1. There are many facts that Michael Jackson did not reveal about his hit single. Did you know that his first moonwalk was when he sang the song in Motown 25: Yesterday Today Forever. This is another incredible fact about the song’s origin…

Michael Jackson claimed that the idea was born while driving his Rolls-Royce on a highway. He was so taken with the song, that he didn’t even realize his car caught fire. A man on a motorbike passed him and saved his life.