Top 10 Perfect Role Models in India for Youngsters 2022

9 Ritesh Agarwal

Are you a millionaire? Ritesh Agarwal is the man to follow if you are interested in becoming a billionaire. He is the 2nd-youngest billionaire to have founded OYO, a chain of franchised and leased hotels. He was born in Odisha on 16th November 1993 at Bissam Cuttack.

Ritesh Agarwal began selling sim cards at the age of 13 years. He left college to become a Thiel Fellow in 2013. His OYO company grossed $1B in 2018, and his net worth was estimated at $1.1B in 2021, according to the report.

Is it possible to be inspired by a graduate student who built a billion-dollar empire? It inspires millions. He is a role model for Indian students in 2022.