Top 10 Reasons Why Meghan Markle’s Assistants Keep Quitting

It can be either a blessing or a curse to work for the Royal Family depending on who you ask. While many staff considers it a blessing to work with the Royal Family in some way, this isn’t always true. This is especially true when it concerns Meghan Markle, former Duchess. Markle seems to be left alone by her assistants, who keep on leaving.

Many people have made it into the Royal Family, creating controversy and both buzz. Markle, however, has taken the world by storm since her official grand entrance in May 2018. When she walked down her aisle with Prince Harry, the real Prince Charming, Markle was part of one of the most important royal weddings. The uproar over Markle and Harry’s decision to divorce the Royal Family has led to the term Megxit. But Markle’s personal assistants continue to walk out.

This is the inside scoop…

10 A Demanding Boss

There have been many stories, both true and false, about the Royal family. Even though they lead very secretive lives there are still stories that get out from the palace and reach the public. It appears that nobody can keep quiet about what happens within those walls.

One of the many rumors surrounding Meghan (and most of them are negative) is that she is demanding of her bosses. People began to spread the gossip quickly and many people were quick to voice their opinion. Others then started digging deeper.