Top 10 Red Carpet Fashion: Who Wore It Best? 

Some people watch the Academy Awards to see the Best Films and stage performances, and, of course, the Academy Awards winners. Then there are also those who only watch the Oscars and see the glamour of the Celebrities – Who Wore It Best? 

Red carpets are known for featuring Hollywood’s most famous stars and fashion designers. The red carpet is well-known for showcasing Hollywood’s most recognizable stars as well fashion designers. As you have probably heard,  the number one question that celebs get is  “Who are you wearing?”  

Let’s go down in time to look back at the best and worst-dressed celebrities that walked down this red carpet. There are sure hits and misses.

10 Lady Gaga, The Lady of the Night

Lady Gaga was not awarded the Best Actress for her role in Star is Born. However, she stole the show on the red carpet at the 91st Academy Awards. Her gown by Alexander McQueen was the epitome of glamour.

The necklace was paired with Tiffany’s 128-carat yellow gold diamond necklace. Audrey Hepburn last wore this necklace at a photoshoot at Tiffany’s. Talk about style!