Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in the World

Want to find out who the richest female rappers are? Check out this list of the top 10 most wealthy female rappers worldwide.

Our list of the top 10 most wealthy female rappers is likely to be controversial. We can’t make a shortlist of all female rappers. These are the 10 most successful female rappers worldwide based on their net worth and popularity.

These female rappers have created a distinct identity in rap singing, and people love to listen to their rap songs. They have also made a lot of money, which has made them wealthy. They are also considered the most successful female rappers and the wealthiest female rappers. Take a look at the following list of female rappers.

10 Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooper- Net Worth:$10 million

Eve is an American rapper and songwriter, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooperer is her full name, and she was born November 10, 1978. The 41-year-old American rapper was born in America and has enjoyed great success in the rap industry. It’s no surprise that this female rapper is on the top 10 list of the most successful female rappers worldwide. Her net worth is $10million, making her one of the most successful female rappers.

She was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Rap Collaboration in 2002 with Gwen Stefani. It was her first ever award. VH1 has named Eve as one of 50 greatest women in video. She was part the films “Barbershop 2” and “Barbershop 2 : Back in Business”.

Eve is also the founder of Fetish, a successful clothing brand. Since November 2017, she has been a regular co-host of The Talk.