Top 10 Strange Celebrity Trademarks

Celebrities are famous and wealthy, which means they have more chances to make even more money! Companies have trademarks to ensure that their logos and names are not stolen. This makes sense to me. It is even more confusing when people trademark their names and phrases. People use “rise and shine” all of the time. So why should one person have the right to this common phrase? She’s a billionaire, surprise!

10 Taylor Swift: Her Cat’s Names

TMZ reported that Taylor Swift filed court papers to trademark her name and the names of her cats Meredith Swift, Olivia Swift, and Benjamin Swift. She can then use the names on merchandise. I don’t know what else to say. Taylor Swift, I’m sorry to say that you didn’t invent the name Meredith…or Benjamin Button.

This kind of trademarking is just plain rude and greedy. I’m sure Olivia would be very frustrated if Taylor Swift trademarked my name. This is how you can tell if someone has more money than they have to spend. Who trademarks their cats’ names? Names of cats are not trademarked by people.