Top 10 Untold Stories of Cobie Smulders

Cobie’s career continued to grow after How I Met Your Mother was canceled in 2014. Cobie was the star opposite Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher. She also plays a funny role in Netflix’s comedy Friends From College. She’s currently the host of Stumptown, her hit ABC series. There’s so much more to learn about America’s new sweetheart. For example, how she survived a deadly disease.

Cobie Smulders, this is it!

10 She Used To Be A Model

Cobie was 12 when a friend of hers was a professional model. She encouraged her to get into modeling. Cobie was introduced to her agency by her friend, and soon she was in the business. She was a+n international model in high demand when she was in her twenties.

It was initially fun. But she soon realized that it wasn’t her thing. She also admitted that she hated modeling. She made the decision to move into acting and some aspects of her modeling experience were helpful when she auditioned. She was shocked at the process. “I had the experience of people judging your physical appearance for so many years and I was over it,” she said. Then it became clear that I had to perform.