Top 10 Women From Tiger Woods’ Past

Woods’ 2009 year was difficult, not to mention Elin. Woods’s and Elin’s relationship history became public, regardless of whether he liked it. Many women from Tiger’s past have spoken out about their experiences after the scandal of cheating. Tiger Woods may be able to golf, but he can’t hide his true colors!
These are the stories of Tiger’s past ladies.

10 Loredana Jolie

There were many women who admired Tiger Woods, some more than others. Loredana Jolie is just one example of such a striking woman. Jolie is an Italian model, originally from Sicily. Although she may not have been as well-known in America, Woods helped her to become a popular model for other reasons than her modeling career. Loredana was a professional model and was featured in numerous modeling campaigns. She is most well-known for her Playboy Magazine shoots.