Top 20 an inside look at the biggest celebrity bank accounts – their account balances will shock you

20 Smokey robinson – est. $100m

William “Smokey” Robinson Jr., singer, songwriter, ex-executive, and record producer, needs no introduction. He rose to fame in the 1950s as the founder and leader of Motown’s vocal group, the Miracles. He is now in his 80s, and has had a career of six and a quarter decades in the entertainment business.

Smokey Robinson, who has been an active musician for many years, has played a significant role in making the industry what it is today. This was evident in his performances on The Late Late Show. Smokey is now worth an estimated $100 million. He also has a part of his wealth from houses like the Encino property he bought for $8.75million in 2008. Smokey’s songs and voice have been heard around the world through his performances as both a solo artist as well as as part of The Miracles.