Top 20 Incredible Yachts of the Rich And Famous

The yacht is the most expensive toy that celebrities and the rich strive to save money for. These luxury cities on the sea may cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars, with some superyachts going up into the hundreds of millions.

This expensive vessel requires someone of great wealth like Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder, to be able to afford it. A small crew of navigators is needed to navigate the vessels. The fundamental cost of fuel is also more expensive than many will be able to afford college.

Many yacht charters and owners go to great lengths to outfit their yachts. Let’s look at the most extraordinary (and expensive) yachts available, owned by giants of the industry from all around the globe.

20 Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa was spotted with Chris Sharma, his friend, on a chartered yacht just off the coast of Mallorca. They were enjoying the sun and taking in the views. The Game of Thrones star spent more than just time yachting. He also took in the sights of Mallorca, including climbing the cliffs. Momoa, Sharma, and others are big fans of the (somewhat fatal) sport of deep water soloing climbs.

Deepwater soloing climbing means scaling cliffs using no ropes. Only water can be your safety net. Momoa and friends were ready to take a break on a yacht after all that climbing and adventure. They dined at Jumeirah Hotel in Mallorca, one of the most exclusive spots.

Name: Unknown

Value: $940/day