What is Alec Benjamin’s Net Worth?


Alec Benjamin is an American singer/songwriter.

Benjamin is best known for his songs ‘Paper Crown’, ‘I Built A Friends,’ ‘End of the Summer,’ ‘Let Me Down Slowly’, and ‘Water Fountain.’ He gained much attention from his demos. He found success in songwriting with artists such as Jon Bellion. He is influenced by artists such as Paul Simon and Eminem.

Alec Benjamin’s net worth is approximately $3 Million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Alec Benjamin was born in Phoenix, Arizona on the 28th of May 1994. Benjamin is American. While his family details have not been released, it has been confirmed that he does not belong to any family with musical roots.

Benjamin was blessed with a sibling, who helped to make his music career successful. As a kid, he was influenced by Dr. Dre and Eminem.


Benjamin signed to Columbia Records when he was still at USC. He undertook a self-funded European tour to open for Marina Kaye and Lea in France.

He promoted his music by performing in parking lots near concert venues. His mixtape, “Narrated For You”, reached number 127 on the US Billboard’s 2019 charts. The mixtape features the songs “Water Fountain” and “Let Me Down Slowly”. Benjamin has also recorded two singles at Spotify Studios in NYC.

His debut album “These Two Windows” was released in 2020. The album reached number 75 on the US Billboard 200. The album includes the single “Oh, My God.”

Benjamin uploaded ‘The Story Behind the Story,’ videos on YouTube to promote the album. This series began with the original versions he wrote of I Built a Friend’, and Water Fountain.

Alec Benjamin’s net worth is approximately $3 Million as of July 20,22.

How Does Alec Benjamin Spend His Money

Alec Benjamin resides at home with his parents.

Benjamin currently lives with his parents in Phoenix, Arizona.


Here are some highlights of Alec Benjamin’s career:

  • Let Me Down Slowly (Song, 2018) 
  • Water Fountain (Song, 2018) 
  • Jesus In LA (Song, 2020) 
  • Oh My God (Song, 2020) 
  • These Two Windows (Album, 2020) 

Three Life Lessons From Alec Benjamin

Now that we know everything about Alec Benjamin’s net worth and how he became successful, let’s see some of his lessons.

1. Happiness

Happiness is what we find, but it’s very rarely what we seek. Happiness is not something you seek. You can look forward to living every day, and find happiness even in the smallest things.

2. The Heart

While certain things may catch your attention, you should only be pursuing the ones that are truly meaningful to you. Our heart is often the best indicator of what we want in our lives.

3. Excellence

Excellence is the key to happiness at work. It is important to love what you do.

Favorite Quotes From Alec Benjamin

My favorite thing about music is the writing of lyrics. The melody, rhythm, and instrumental parts are all part of it.

I wasn’t patient. There were nights I cried so much that it was hard to sleep at night. But I wasn’t patient. I’m still not.