What is Alexis Skyy’s Net Worth?


Alexis Skyy is an American reality TV personality.

Skyy is perhaps best known for her roles on Vh1’s tv programs ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,’ and Love & Hip Hop: New York. Her relationship with Fetty Wap has attracted a lot of media attention.

Alexis Skyy’s net worth is approximately $500,000.

Early Life

Alexis Skyy McFarland was born in Long Island City, on the 14th of July 1994.

McFarland is Jamaican. Her father was absent for a large portion of her childhood. McFarland was raised by her grandmother and mother.

She met her biological father when she was 18 years old. She was raised in Amityville with her brothers.


Alexis Skyy joined the cast in 2017 on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. From 2018 to 2019, she was a star in the reality television show ‘Love and Hip Hop New York. Skyy has also been a guest on the reality TV show ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Skyy was the mother of Fetty Wap’s daughter in 2018. In 2016, she opened Bella Sky Spa, Atlanta. She has worked as a model, dancer, and model.

After being noticed by ‘Love & Hip-Hop,’ she launched Curves of Skyy. She was a former stripper and model who inspired her. She now has 4.7million Instagram followers.

She became a supporting member of the franchise during the fourth season, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. After remaining on the show for one season, she returned as a supporting member to the ninth season of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

On ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ she was in a feud that involved Masika Kalysha who also dated Fetty Wap. On ‘Love & Hip Hop New York, her stories mostly revolved around her music career and life as a mother.

How Does Alexis Skyy Spend Her Money

Alexis Skyy has a luxurious lifestyle and many fine pieces of jewelry and real estate.

Skyy spent some money to open a luxury house beauty bar with a huge celebration. Lux House Beauty Bar will offer almost all beauty services, including waxing, facials, and hair, as well as waxing.

Skyy has a lot of expensive jewelry. Skyy owns a necklace made of diamonds that is a standout piece.


These are some of the greatest highlights from Alexis Skyy’s career:

  • Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (Reality Show, 2014-2019)
  • Mona Awards “Breakout Star” (2018) – Nominated 
  • Love & Hip Hop (Reality Show, 2011-2020) 

Three Brilliant Lessons From Alexis Skyy

Now that you’re familiar with Alexis Skyy and her net worth, let’s look at some of the lessons she can teach us.

1. Things Get Better

No matter what your circumstances are, there is a light at end of the tunnel. It may seem difficult to see it initially but if you keep going you will find the positive side.

2. Joy

The joy in life is found in the encounters we have with new experiences. There is no greater joy than to see the world from a completely different perspective.

3. Keep Positive

Positive feelings are created when you are honest with yourself and accept your individuality.

Favorite Quotes From Alexis Skyy

I don’t let the Internet influence me. It did initially bother me but then I learned to block it because it was disgusting and she was a baby. You’re an evil person if you are so evil about talking about a child or my experience. That part of me was easy to tune out. It was difficult, I won’t lie. It was difficult at the beginning to cope with it.

It made me feel like a failure and that was what I carried with me all my life. So, I saved all my hosting money, and then she suggested that I open another shop. “I am so much more focused and ready to be a millionaire.