What is Andrew Whitworth’s Net Worth?


Andrew Whitworth’s net worth was estimated at $40 million as of August 2022.

Andrew Whitworth is an American offensive tackle in football for the Los Angeles Rams.

Whitworth was an LSU football player drafted second-round by the Cincinnati Bengals during the 2006 NFL Draft.

Early Life

Andrew James Whitworth was a Louisiana native, born on December 12, 1981.

Whitworth was a graduate of West Monroe High School, Louisiana. He played high school football under Don Shows and graduated in 2001.

He was part of two Louisiana Class 5A State Championship Teams in 1998 and 2000 when the school was named by the National High School Football Tony Poll National Champions.


Whitworth was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. On September 10, Whitworth made his NFL debut with special teams in Kansas City.

Whitworth was a pivotal contributor to the Bengals’ 481-yard victory over the Browns. He also ran for 145 yards, which Rudi Johnson added. Due to injuries that had decimated the Bengals’ offensive line, he was included in the starting lineup for the rest of the season.

Marvin Lewis, the head coach, decided to change Whitworth’s position from guard to left tackle in 2009. He saw immediate results. He played in all 16 games, allowing only five sacks. Additionally, he helped Cedric Benson run back a remarkable year of 1,251 yards rushing.

Whitworth allowed zero sacks during the 2014 season and one hit on Andy Dalton. Experts and pundits have suggested that Whitworth was not eligible for a second Pro Bowl. He was nevertheless named second-team AP NFL All-Pro.

Whitworth signed a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams in 2017. Whitworth reached his fourth Pro Bowl in his first season playing for the Rams. His peers ranked him 87th on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018.


These are the top highlights of Andrew Whitworth’s career:

  • Second-team All-Pro (2014)
  • 4× Pro Bowl (2012, 2015–2017)
  • 2× First-team All-Pro (2015, 2017)

Three Powerful Lessons From Andrew Whitworth

We now know all about Andrew Whitworth and his success story. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Be better than you were yesterday

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2. Make the most of what you have

Start from where you are. Make the most of what you already have. Do what you can.

3. Keep going

Do not stop until you are proud.

Favorite Quotes From Andrew Whitworth

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